IIT-Jodhpur develops technology to reduce traffic congestion and road accidents

The system enables the secure and real-time exchange of data on road conditions

PTI07_27_2023_000375B Slow moving traffic in Mumbai city | PTI

IIT-Jodhpur, one of India's premier technical institutes, has developed a cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing traffic congestion and road accidents. The technology, called the Novel MAC-based Authentication Scheme (NoMAS), has been developed by the institute's computer science and engineering department.

NoMAS aims to enhance vehicle security and intelligence while addressing the multifaceted challenges prevalent on Indian roads It enables the secure and real-time exchange of data on road conditions, accidents, and traffic jams among vehicles. This information can help drivers make informed decisions and avoid hazards, ultimately contributing to road safety.

The data collected and shared through the Internet of Vehicles network can be analysed to identify accident-prone areas, patterns of risky behavior, and road conditions that require improvement. This analysis can lead to authorities taking proactive measures to address these issues and improve road safety.

"This technology is a groundbreaking solution to enhance the security and the efficiency of the Internet of Vehicles, said Debasis Das, an associate professor in the computer science and engineering department told PTI.

In addition to enhancing road safety, NoMAS also helps protect vehicles from theft and unauthorised use. The technology addresses critical challenges in data protection, communication overhead, and security vulnerabilities With NoMAS, the security and efficiency of the Internet of Vehicles can be significantly enhanced.

The researchers at IIT-Jodhpur have also developed a federated learning-based driver recommendation system for next-generation transportation. This system can gauge the stress level of a driver by analysing their driving patterns. By understanding the stress levels of drivers, appropriate recommendations can be made to ensure safer and more comfortable journeys.

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