Researchers uncover alarming password habits in new study

Password vulnerability: study identifies common weak choices


In a recent study conducted by NordPass, a software company specialising in password organization, it has been revealed that the most common password used by internet users is shockingly "123456." According to the study, a hacker could crack this password in less than a second, highlighting the urgent need for improved security practices.

By embracing these recommendations, internet users can fortify their online presence and contribute to a safer digital environment. With the prevalence of weak passwords, it is critical for individuals to prioritize their security and take proactive measures to protect their personal information.

The research, carried out in collaboration with independent cybersecurity experts, examined a massive 6.6 Terabyte-database of stolen passwords. The analysis found that approximately 4.5 million accounts were secured with the easily guessable password "123456." The second and third most popular passwords were "admin" and "12345678," used in approximately 4 million and 1.37 million accounts, respectively.

India exhibited a similar trend, with "123456" being the most common password used in approximately 360,000 accounts, followed by "admin" in around 120,000 accounts. These findings reveal a concerning lack of awareness regarding password security among internet users.

The study encompassed data from 35 countries, and the researchers categorized the information into various verticals to perform statistical analysis. NordPass emphasizes that no personal data was acquired or purchased for this study, ensuring the privacy and security of internet users.

The study acknowledged "123456" to be the "world's worst password

NordPass highlighted the vulnerability of streaming platform users, stating that they tend to have weaker passwords compared to users of other websites. This reinforces the need for heightened security measures, as users often overlook the importance of strong credentials to protect their accounts.

While technology has made it increasingly difficult for hackers to breach passwords, the study emphasizes the persistent threat of malware attacks. NordPass advises account holders to adopt complex passwords that are at least 20 characters long, incorporating a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Furthermore, the study urges users to refrain from reusing passwords across multiple websites or services, as compromising one account could jeopardize the safety of all other accounts. NordPass recommends regularly assessing the strength of passwords and utilizing password managers to enhance online security.

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