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Patented Innovative MagniStretch Mattress by Magniflex helps stretch your back

Magniflex India Magniflex India

Magniflex (Made in Italy) is Europe’s No. 1 mattress brand, recognized for its craftsmanship, technologically-superior products and the value it offers to customers. Magniflex is a world leader in the luxury mattress category and was founded in a modest workshop in Prato, Italy, 60 years ago. Over 50 million people have slept soundly on Magniflex mattresses. It scores 98.9% on the customer sales service satisfaction index. Magniflex’s commitment to R&D and use of high-quality raw materials help create the ideal mattress for every need and type of comfort. 

The occurrence of lower back pain in India is reported to be a massive 92%. Due to the high prevalence of back pain, a new patented innovative mattress called MagniStretch was created. In order to guarantee the best spine support, innovative materials such as Elioform and Eliosoft inner layers have been developed along with advanced material like Memoform (patented weight-induced memory foam) that is used for padding. Also, the soft viscose and Outlast fabrics are used for the lining that absorbs excess heat and releases it when you need it. These create an innovative stretch system for the body and the back.

It includes a special layer that uses the weight of the body to stretch the back from the cervical and lumbar areas towards the lower back and the feet. This movement increases the space between the vertebrae and distributes the weight more evenly. This effectively dissolves muscle tension and contractions, helping with comfortable sleep for the user.

These exclusive benefits have been certified by American Chiropractic Association (ACA), which reassures that this mattress comes with the best spine support. Additionally, this patented mattress is also certified by University of Zaragoza (Spain), IMCI, LGA and OEKO-TEX.

The struggles of back pain are real, and the toughest part is it makes it impossible to sleep. This is why Magniflex, with the help of sleep experts, has created the revolutionary MagniStretch mattress with patented materials that will alleviate your back pain during sleep. Sounds a bit hard to believe? Give it a try, and you will for sure love the unparalleled comfort you were missing out on till now.

To thoroughly understand the rigorous research that was undertaken to develop this innovation and to find out more details about the patented MagniStretch mattress, call +91 9986156975 or visit magniflexindia.com. We are certain that the results will surprise you!