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Insults inspired me to become a Writer: Satyapal Chandra, Founder and CEO of MagTapp Technologies

Satyapal-Chandra Satyapal Chandra, Founder and CEO of MagTapp Technologies

India, November 12: The Founder and CEO of MagTapp Technologies, Satyapal Chandra, discusses his newest book, "A Promise Among the Dark Winds," as well as his future plans for "Magtapp". When you first start out, you're not sure what the future has in store for us but are still willing to put your all into everything you do. With Satyapal Chandra, that is what transpired.

The book is all about a young executive who meets an insanely beautiful girl on the snow-laden New Year’s Eve. Fascinated by her charm, he sets upon a journey to get to know her better. However, the deeper he delves into this, the more is revealed to him about his own mysterious past. A history, twenty thousand years old, beings unfolding and threatens to be repeated destroying human civilization and consuming these two lovers in its wake. It is 'not just the end' in fact it is a new beginning.

With the wisdom gained from real life experiences and a strong desire to put it into practice, Satyapal Chandra founded MagTapp with a long-term vision to empower India.MagTapp is the world's first web browser with inbuilt visual dictionary, document reader and translation feature curated to solve an issue which 90% readers in India face and it is language barrier.

Satyapal Chandra recognized the issue, wrote 11 commercially successful novels, and then founded his own startup. At the moment, his startup is empowering and simplifying the life of millions of Indians.

India's startup scene is still the most popular bet on the planet. Only MagTapp, an app developed by Satyapal Chandra, is recognized as the best English learning app among the top apps in India.

Satyapal Chandra hails from the small town of Gaya in Bihar and has worn many hats, first as an author of multiple novels in India, then as the captain of many successful startups in India. Satyapal is a bibliophile and a gadget freak who enjoys spending time reading books and reading tech blogs.

In one instance, he entered a posh restaurant in Delhi and was insulted by the staff for speaking in Hindi. He made an immediate decision to take action in response to the incident that had deeply affected him. He gave himself six months to fully master the English language.

Satyapal was more intrigued by the process of creating and nurturing something. In either scenario, certain business, management, and life realizations are inevitable. After a few years of entrepreneurship, he founded Magtapp to address the issue of English learning in India.

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