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Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth – A scientist with an unrelenting Drive


October 19: Dr. Kannan always believed in breaking the status quo and developing anew where few have dared to go. He lives by the motto that there is always a better way to do things and hence, find it!

An Indian researcher, scholar and entrepreneur DR. Kannan Vishwanatth has several degrees to his credit. Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering, Masters in Business Management and Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration. Garwood Innovation Fellow at Garwood Centre of Open Innovation, Haas School of Business Berkeley University of California.

His insatiable desire for unique work earned several patents to his name. A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. In other words, a patent is an exclusive right to a product or a process that generally provides a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem.

Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done. Dr. Kannan is the kind of a man who considered every failure to be a stepping stone to success. An invention must be both novel and nonobvious to qualify for a patent. Of these two requirements, novelty is the threshold. For an erudite scientist as himself novel ideas was a dream to conceive.

The reward of a young scientist is the emotional trill of being the first person in history to see something differently and create something unique. Nothing can compare to that experience .

In his 24 years of high-quality work Dr. Kannan Vishawanatth has Well-articulated patents that create clear boundaries, guidelines and help other scholars determine the course for product development. His incomparable career and academic contributions have been:

Co-Authored & published patents of transdermal formulations and Anti-Cancer API’s

•Patent Number 212673: Hormone Therapy Process Invention Entitled A Novel Hydro Alcoholic Gel And/or Cream Formulation Of Methandienone And Boldenone For safe Drug Delivery

•Patent No 212674: Hormone Therapy Process Invention Entitled A Novel Hydro Alcoholic Gel And/or Cream Formulation Of Topical Steroid Of Trenbolone Acetate And Oxymetholone Derivatives

•Patent No.212676: Hormone Therapy Product/ Process Invention Entitled A Novel Transdermal Gel And/or Cream Formulation

•Patent No 212692: Hormone Therapy Process Invention Entitled A Novel Hydro Alcoholic Gel And/or Cream Formulation Of Nandrolone Derivatives

•Patent No 1744/Mum/2008: Anti-Cancer Process Invention: Docetaxel, An Anticancer Api

•Patent No 1748/Mum/2008: Anti-Cancer Process Invention Gemcitabine. An Anticancer Api

•Patent No 1748/Mum/2008: 2418/Mum/2010 Memory Enhancer Product/ Process Invention Entitled a Herbal Formulation For Enhancement Of Memory

•Patent No 2419/Mum/2010: Insomnia Product/ Process Invention A Valerian Formulation for Treatment of Insomnia

•Patent No 2483/Mum/2008: Anti-Cancer Process Invention Capecitabine, An Anticancer Api

•Patent No 1952/Mum/2010: Constipation Product/ Process Invention: An Herbal Laxative Formulation and Method of Making, For Treating Constipation

•Patent No 1849/Mum/2010: Anti-Malaria Process Invention Entitled A Direct Method for Preparing Quinine Hcl from Chinchona Bark

•Patent No 612/Mum/2011: Quit Smoking Product/ Process Invention Entitled A Sugar Free Nicotine Polarities Lozenges, For Anti-Smoking

•Patent No 611/Mum/2013: Anti- Malarial Process Improved Process for the Preparation of Lumefantrine

•Patent No WO 2010/061402 A3: Anti-Cancer: An Improved Process for Preparation of Capecitabine

This highly learned individual is rightfully the recipient of several distinguished, reputed and eminent awards both at national and international platforms for the unparalleled contributions and dedication to his field.

Dr. Kannan winning these accolades is extraordinary recognition of remarkable scientific accomplishment, talent and creativity in all that he has contributed. He is the example to those who are trying to climb the dizzying heights of doing something highly creative and original, to stick at it.

All outstanding work, in art as well as in science, results from immense zeal applied to a great idea.

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