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Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Releases Staking Platform, $LONIA Token Seed Sale To End in 24 Hours


Cardalonia is an NFT play-to-earn game built on the Cardano blockchain. The game intends to connect blockchain developers, content creators, and crypto enthusiasts in an interactive metaverse, where players can earn in-game tokens and convert same to real-world money.

Cardalonia is powered by $LONIA, a utility token that serves as the native currency of the ecosystem. Players can purchase $LONIA at the seed sale rate using this link: https://cardalonia.io/buy/

Cardalonia Flexible Staking

The team at Cardalonia recently released the project's flexible staking vault. The vault allows token holders to stake their $LONIA to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including early pre-sale land sale ticket, DAO governance, and compounded monthly rewards.

The auto-compounding and flexible staking protocol function the same as the Cardano Stake Pools. When you stake your $LONIA tokens, you stand a chance to earn continuous passive income at an interest rate as high as 20%.

The Cardalonia Flexible Staking lets you earn the highest stable returns on a single investment without your LONIA tokens ever leaving your wallets. Click here to start the process of staking your $LONIA.

Cardalonia Metaverse Unique Features

Cardalonia is laden with exciting features, including:

Player Interaction

One of the biggest offerings that Cardalonia comes with is that players from across the world can socialize and interact to form a common front based on the Land available.

Advertising Mode

Cardalonia land owners will have the opportunity to display any product or item on their land for sale.

Cardalonia Marketplace

Cardalonia will have an NFT marketplace (In app) where you and other content creators can develop in-game items that are Cardalonia compatible and sell them for a profit.

By the first quarter of 2023, Cardalonia's P2E gaming concept will be launched for public consumption.

$LONIA Seed Sale

The team at Cardalonia has launched a Seed Sale, which is currently ongoing. The seed sale is for early adopters who desire to join the bandwagon before the token price skyrockets.


Total token supply (allocation): 15,000,000 LONIA Tokens

Price: 1 ADA = 14 Lonia Tokens

Min Amount: 500 ADA

Please note that over 25% of the tokens allocated for the seed sale have been sold out. Additionally, all $LONIA holders have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming Cardalonia land pre-sale.