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What is there in my birth chart


We are all born with a karmic cross that we are destined to carry until we reach our destination. But then the moment, we face miseries in our life, especially when the miseries do not stop, keep coming one by one: there is very common anxiety in our mind: What is there in my birth chart/horoscope/destiny. We forget that the birth chart is nothing but a reflection of what we did in previous births, so we reap what we sowed. But if it was just simple like this, then the theory of Karmas would have no role to play. A noteworthy point here is that we get fruits /carry curses of our own deeds, and no one else but we only will carry ours. So do we need herculean strength to deal with it all? No, we simply need a well-guided Karmic correction, which is what your horoscope tells you. We only have to exercise our free will in the right direction. So stop worrying what is there in my birth chart/horoscope: instead, learn how to get the best results from what is there in your horoscope.

What is written in birth chart/horoscope?

All about your life is written in the horoscope/kundli but not that you let your life go on based on what is written in birth chart/horoscope. You get horoscope when you are born, and your life is of ZERO minutes, so it has come from your deeds of previous birth(s). But what results you get depends on how you use your free will, the Karmas, in the present life.

It is all in the Kundli, and it is yours to grasp the details of it. Kundli is a chart that shows planets in the destined positions or zodiacal houses. With the barest details, i.e., date of birth and time, an astrologer can let you know about your fortunes.

The astrologer uses the planetary positions found at birth to draw the correct conclusions about your past, present, and future. Kundli not only holds a mirror to your personality, but it also mirrors your destiny. Kundli reading does not challenge your wits, but you have to analyze several aspects associated with each house.

How important is Kundli/horoscope to life?

How important is horoscope/birth chart is to life depends on how you learn to respect the horoscope. Importance of horoscope starts when you are born to live with you till you depart to next life. A horoscope/birth chart is important for all your decision at the different stages of life.

·       A kundli helps you to select the best education stream in sync with your natural skills and interests.  

·       Horoscope is important for you to know right time for your marriage, when will you get married. If your marriage is delayed, horoscope also tells you the reasons for delay in marriage.

·       Importance of Kundli/horoscope comes when selecting a future life partner. Horoscope is important to check the compatibility between you and your life partner and the quality of marital life.

·       Kundli also reveals the opportunities that are waiting in the wings for you. Horoscope is important for you to decide between job and business. Which field you should select for career, what business to do, when to do with whom to do, and like all major decisions.

·       All aspects of life can be categorized into 12 compartments of the Kundli that tell you how successful you will be in academic and creative pursuits. It offers a perfect description of your enemies, diseases, and the kind of children that are yours for this lifetime.

Best way to read horoscope/Birth chart

The right way/steps to read horoscope/kundli needs some basic steps to be followed.

  • First and foremost, to read any horoscope is to have the accurate date, time, and place of birth of the native. Even one minute error can make the total horoscope reading flawed.
  • Identify Your Rising Sign/Lagna or Ascendant.
  • To understand the Houses and their Significance. There are 12 houses in a horoscope that govern a person’s life from birth until the soul changes the era.
  • Most important is the 1st house in horoscope, which is you, yourself, and how you would deal with the different people at different stages of your life. For any horoscope, 1st house and its Lord plays the most crucial role in a person’s life. But all the 12 houses in a horoscope have a very close intrinsic relationship. Take a small example: your 7th house (house of marriage and relationship) directly impacts your 10th house, the house for the career. Your 6th house, the house for health, 8th house, the house for life span, unseen happenings directly relates to your 12th house.

Role of planets in horoscope/birth chart.

The role of Planets in a horoscope/birth chart is the soul of any horoscope. There are nine planets that we consider in Vedic astrology. Each planet has his/her own characteristics, behavior, and impact on human life. The role of these nine planets in horoscope remains the same but the importance of these nine planets in horoscope and human life keeps changing with time: role of planets in horoscope changes at the different stages of life. Role of planets in different houses in the horoscope also keeps changing with time and stages of life.

SO get your horoscope, meet a good astrologer to understand what is there in your horoscope and how to derive the best results from different houses and planets. But one should know how to judge agood astrologer. Any specific issues, reach my website or call my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.