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INSOFE: The only university that offers an engineering and data science dual program


The academic mastery that the merger of an engineering and data science program can provide someone with is incomparable in today’s technology-governed world.

By 2025, the Data Science sector in India is estimated to mature eightfold, touching $16 billion. 

The stark increase in technology expansion and computing has generated more data than ever before, and learning how to utilize that data is a highly sought-after skill. A degree in data science can catapult a student’s career to unfathomable heights equipping them with technology-proficient armor, ready to solve real-world problems on a global scale.

INSOFE, as a university, understands the ramifications of cutting-edge digital skills in today’s unceasing learning culture and that the arena of Data Science embraces an exceptionally dominant position in offering opportunities for training and upskilling. The facilities at INSOFE ensure the scholastic competitiveness of individuals with its educational prowess.

 The credentials received from this university demonstrate proficiency in the foundational skills associated with several key areas within the broader field of Data Science.

The Rising Importance of Data Science and the Need for Data Science Professionals:


The interdisciplinary field of Data Science encapsulates predictive analysis, computer science, statistics, inference, machine learning algorithms, and other novice technologies.

The critical factor that has brought about revolutionary change and an upsurge in its resolution methodology in every industry is Data Science. It is a known fact that the more a company works towards being data-driven, the better they perform in objective operations and financial measurements. 

 Data Science empowers organizations to track and measure performance metrics while recording them for expediting enterprise-wide heightened decision-making. Organisations can examine trends to solidify diagnostic decisions to improve customer engagement, enhance company- functioning, and substantially increase profitability. 

In the constantly emergent turf of Data Science, developments and breakthroughs in research accelerate swiftly. With a stark impression in virtually every industry, Data Science job requirements are estimated to rise immeasurably in the future. 

Data scientists are the future of the world today, an integral part of every organization, and can address significant global challenges, which can have far-reaching impacts across countries.

Acquire these skills at INSOFE:

INSOFE’s Data Science program teaches comprehensive concepts relating to the essentials of engineering skills in Data Analytics, Deep Learning Applications, Foundations of Probability and Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Decision Sciences, offering far-reaching exposure to prevailing structures and systems to solve real-world problems and build products/services exclusive to their dedicated engineering realm.

INSOFE offers different data science programs that help students adequately prepare for a successful career in data science and produces roughly 200 engineers per year with the eligibility to work in Europe, the USA, Canada, and India.

At INSOFE, real-world knowledge is applied in real-time. Modern technology is used to complement live teaching, whether online or offline, careful not to be pre-empted through recorded content. 

Their focus on learning outcomes has led them to co-create and co-deliver globally recognized bachelors, masters, doctoral, and certificate programs for individuals and enterprises from varied backgrounds.

Website : https://www.insofe.edu.in/