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GreyCampus Launches OdinSchool to Help Youth Power Their Careers In New-Age Technologies


The industry today is highly dynamic, with new technologies emerging and the existing ones transforming with every passing year. In such a scenario, unless young professionals upskill and reskill themselves periodically to stay aligned to the latest industry requirements, building a progressive career will become a major challenge for them. Keeping these ground realities in mind, the global ed-tech company GreyCampus launched OdinSchool for Indian professionals on 24th May, 2021.

OdinSchool is backed by the strong fundamental belief that there is always a place in the industry for professionals who are technically strong and adept at the 21st century workplace skills. OdinSchool helps young professionals develop these capabilities through rigorous yet flexible courses that are aligned with the industry requirements. 

OdinSchool currently offers certification courses in Data Science and Web Development. The courses, delivered in blended learning mode, aim to impart a holistic learning experience for the students. Different approaches such as live sessions with expert trainers, self-learning content, quizzes and assessments, talks by industry professionals and one-to-one mentorship, are built into the program for enhanced engagement. Additionally, as part of its career services, programs such as workshops on behavioural skills, career counselling, personal branding, profile creation and placement assistance is offered to the learners.

Speaking about OdinSchool, the Co-founder and CEO of GreyCampus, Mr. Vijay Pasupulati said, “India is at a very interesting juncture right now in terms of technology transformation and adoption. Unlike the past, the industry of the 21st century provides huge scope for professionals to switch careers and embark on a new path, if they are willing to put in the required effort to upskill and reskill themselves. Our main objective of launching OdinSchool is to help young professionals take that leap and power their careers to greater heights. We have been a company that invests into our students globally and we will continue to do so vigorously in India as well.”

One aspect that gives an added edge to OdinSchool is its industry collaboration. For one, the course syllabus is endorsed by the industry. Also, working professionals from reputed companies are involved at multiple levels to support and mentor students throughout the learning process. As a result, the students are cognizant of the workplace scenarios and better prepared to handle them once they enter the workforce. The corporates also collaborate to hire skilled candidates and upskill their internal teams. 

OdinSchool offers flexible fee payment options to ensure that money does not become a hindrance for an enthusiastic learner. One of the options that is offered exclusively for fresh graduates is Income Sharing Agreement (ISA). With ISA, students can enrol in the course by paying a nominal registration fee while the tuition fee can be paid after they get placed.

For more information on OdinSchool Career programs, please visit Odin School.com