No, there are no face ID compatible respirator masks that will unlock your phone

face-mask via Twitter

On February 16, Danielle Baskin, who is a "product designer, situation designer, visual artist, and the CEO of" according to her website, put out a tweet. "Made this service that prints your face on an N95 mask, so you can protect people from viral epidemics while still being able to unlock your phone."

Well, you cannot be faulted if you begin to worry about the safety of your phone. For, if this is true, it would be possible for anyone to get hold of your phone and unlock it, if they could also steal this particular mask.

But do not worry, nobody is coming out with a mask that will will help you unlock your phone.

The website that is said to develop these masks 'Resting Risk Face' which explains the process of producing this mask—"After uploading your face, we use computational mapping to convert your facial features into an image printed onto the surface of N95 surgical masks without distortion. Our printer uses inks made of natural dyes. It's non-toxic and doesn't affect breathability. You can use your mask for everyday life as a barrier for airborne particle droplets"—answers the question if this is all a joke.

"Yes. No. We're not sure. Viruses are not a joke. Wash your hands when you can. And get vaccines when you can," the site says.

Baskin herself clarified this in a tweet later. "To everyone asking: I'm testing the facial recognition reliability across devices. But what if you just want to be recognized by your friends," she wrote.

"To all those inquiring: No, I don't have plans to produce these *during* the global mask shortage. There's a waitlist and no launch date. Does anyone have a recommendation on how someone eager to drop cash on a novelty mask can help? An organization that donates supplies," she tweet.