Millennials rejoice: Moto Razr is back

The phone is making a comeback 15 years after its initial release

hello_moto The new Moto Razr | Twitter

Millennials have a reason to rejoice. Motorola resurrects the Razr as a 6-inch foldable smartphone. With foldable plastic OLED panel and Android 9 Pie, this phone will set you back by $1,500.

This suave phone is bound to bring back some nostalgia for those who owned flip phones in the early 2000s. The phone that would use Bluetooth 5.0 technology is already out in the US and is expected to arrive in India soon.

The phone that is making a come back 15 years after its initial release, has some fun camera features built-in, such as Gesture Selfie that allows you to capture images by raising an open palm to the phone screen, Auto Smile Capture, Night Vision, and Portrait mode.

The updated version of the phone also comes with a fingerprint sensor and a USB-C charging port. Other features include a 2.7-inch glass-covered OLED display on the outside that can show notifications, music controls; there's also a proprietary coating that makes the panel 'scuff resistant.'