Asus ROG Phone II: Check out features that make this the ultimate gaming phone

Asus has perhaps created the titan of all smartphones with the new ROG Phone II

Asus ROG Phone II: Check out features that make this the ultimate gaming phone Asus has ensured the ultimate gaming experience with the ROG Phone II

In its venture to construct the perfect gaming phone, Asus may just have created the titan of all smartphones with the new ROG Phone II. Just a year after the launch of ROG I, Asus has one upped itself with the new version which showcases a number of performance step-ups, pioneer innovations and cutting-edge accessories in its glossary.

ROG II is the first smartphone to run on the mighty processor from Qualcomm which claims to boost graphic performance by 15 per cent and CPU speed by 4 per cent. In addition, ROG II has a massive 12GB of RAM and 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage, figures uncommon in even the flagship smartphones today. ROG II has devised an inbuilt cooling system of vents and vapour chambers to balance the brawn of Snapdragon 855 plus.

If the sleek 5.59 inch OLED FHD display is not enough, ROG II also has a 120 Hz refresh rate (first of its kind in phones) and a 1ms response time that would make the phone feel all the more conscious. For comparison, ROG I and One plus 7 Pro have the refresh rate of 90 Hz. Asus also claims ROG II’s 49 ms touch latency to be the lowest of all smartphones.

Persistent battery


The Asus ROG Phone II has an impressive 6,000mAh battery which will reportedly enable seven hours of PUBG mobile with the screen set at 60 Hz. The immense battery power of ROG II makes the other forerunners like Samsung Galaxy S 10+ (4100mAh) look pale in comparison. The ROG phone II also provides HyperCharge which supports 30W fast charging.



ROG II will have a 48-megapixel Quad Bayer primary camera and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide secondary sensor at the back and a 24-megapixel front shooter. For a phone designed primarily for gaming, the optics quality in ROG II is impressive.

Gaming experience


The aggressive gamer phone design of ROG II includes the 6.59 inch display, the new processor and the massive battery but it doesn’t quite end there. Asus has taken to consideration, even the tiniest details, to ensure the ultimate gaming experience. The Armoury Crate game launcher allows for customisation options while the Game Genie arranges for an interruption free gaming as it deals with incoming calls and notifications. The ROG II also has added vibration motors that will enhance the feel of the game for the users. The second side-mounted USB-C port is another thoughtful addition that will allow for charging while simultaneously gaming on landscape mode.



The ROG Kunai Gamepad―mimicking the Joy Cons on a Nintendo Switch―can be used either attached to the sides or as a wireless gamepad.

The twin view dock would function as a second screen for the handset. The WiGig Display Dock Plus that allows for streaming from the ROG phone to a TV for a console like experience.

Mobile Desktop Dock connect the phone to a monitor, a mouse and keyboard.

Release and price


Although not officially announced, the Asus ROG II phone is expected to hit the international markets by September with a starting price of USD 900 (Rs 62,000). The pricing would make the loaded phone from Asus cheaper than the other highly anticipated smart phones of 2019 like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the iPhone 11.