TDP should contest for LS Speaker to protect Constitution and democracy, says AAP leader Sanjay Singh

INDIA bloc will have a crucial role to play if TDP contests, he says

Sanjay Singh (File) Sanjay Singh adressing a press conference in New Delhi | Sanjay Ahlawat

Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh on Tuesday urged Bharatiya Janata Party allies Telugu Desam Party or Janata Dal (United) must contest for the Lok Sabha speaker post in the interest of Constitution and democracy.

Addressing presspersons, Sanjay Singh said the BJP allies did not get any significant ministries. “Yesterday, the ministry of the BJP-led so-called NDA government was announced. It is being called the Modi 3.0 government. The doubt that the INDIA alliance had, has been proven true. If you look at the ministry, NDA alliance parties didn’t get anything. They only got ‘jhunjhuna’ ministries,” Singh said.

Singh said the opposition INDIA bloc will have a crucial role to play if the TDP or JD(U) fields candidates for the Lok Sabha speaker’s post. "I will urge parties like the Janta Dal(United) and the TDP to at least have the Speaker from your party. This will be in the interest of your party as well as the Constitution and democracy," he said.

Singh added the INDIA bloc should consider the possibility of the TDP fielding its candidate for the Lok Sabha Speaker post and said, “If the TDP fields its candidate, the role of INDIA constituents, including the Congress, will be very crucial.”

AAP, a constituent of the INDIA bloc, contested 22 Lok Sabha seats across Delhi Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Assam. It managed to win just three seats in Punjab and lost the rest. It had contested the seats in Delhi in alliance with the Congress.

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