Power outage in several parts of Delhi after fire at UP power grid

East and central parts of Delhi were largely affected

Delhi power outage Representative image

Delhi, which has already been reeling under extreme heatwave and water crisis, witnessed a massive power outage on Tuesday afternoon after a power grid in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh caught fire. 

According to discom officials, east and central parts of Delhi were largely affected while efforts are on to restore electricity.

"There is power outage in many parts of Delhi from 2:11 pm. This is due to a fire at sub-station of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) in Mandola, UP. Delhi receives 1200 MW of power from the Mandola sub-station, and therefore many parts of Delhi have been affected,” power minister Atishi said in a post on X.

She said the power restoration process has begun and electricity is now gradually returning to different areas. 

"But this major failure in the national power grid is extremely worrying. I am seeking time with the Central Power Minister and the Chairman of PGCIL, to ensure that such a situation is not repeated," she said.

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