Modi took his own name 758 times, but not a word about unemployment: Kharge

Kharge charged PM, BJP tried to mislead voters using 'mandir-masjid' issues

Mallikarjun Kharge Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge along with secretary K.C. Venugopal during a press conference in New Delhi |Sanjay Ahlawat

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said while Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his own name 758 times during campaigning for Lok Sabha polls, he never uttered a word about unemployment.

Addressing presspersons on the last day of campaigning for the final phase of Lok Sabha polls, Kharge said, “In the last 15 days, Modi in his speeches took Congress's name 232 times, and his own name 758 times. But, he didn't talk about unemployment even once.”

The Congress president asserted the INDIA alliance will form the government after June 4. "We are confident that on June 4, the people of this country will give a mandate to a new alternative government. INDIA alliance will form a government with full majority and all of us together will give this country an inclusive nationalistic developmental government and we will move forward taking everyone along."

Kharge added this election will be remembered for a long time as every citizen of the country came together this time to save democracy and the Constitution. “The PM and leaders of the BJP made countless efforts to mislead the people on religious and divisive issues. Despite this, the people chose issues and we asked for votes on issues.” Kharge said, “People have endorsed our view that if this government gets another chance, it will be the end of democracy.”

Kharge charged Narendra Modi spoke about 'mandir-masjid' and divisive issues 421 times during poll campaigning despite the Election Commission's direction of no appeal for votes on caste and religion.

Kharge also took a swipe at the prime minister over his comments in an interview that global awareness about Mahatma Gandhi came after Richard Attenborough's film, saying he may not have studied about Gandhi but Mahatma is known the world over. 

-with inputs from agencies.

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