Ajmer: Girl shoots reel hanging from jeep's open door, bursting fireworks at road; police seize Thar

Christian Ganj police formed a team to identify the people involved in the video

Rajasthan News: Man did stunts with Thar jeep for reel Ajmer arrested The viral reel of 'Yuvti' in Thar resulted in police action in Ajmer | Twitter

Daredevil acts sell like hot pancakes on the internet. "Acts of swag" is also a shortcut to "going viral" and thereby attracting fame. Some people disturb public life, or in certain situations, even endanger the lives of others in the process of trying to create such "viral" content. 

One such incident has been reported from Rajasthan's Ajmer, where an attempt to shoot a reel in a moving vehicle resulted in the police seizing the vehicle.

A video shot at Vaishali Nagar of Ajmer's Christian Ganj showed a young woman hanging on to open doors of a Mahindra Thar as it was driven through the roads. The young lady reacted cinematically to the camera set on the roadside from the jeep, which slowly moved with the hazard light on. The next shot showed, the same woman in front of the jeep and some other vehicles as fireworks went off behind the vehicle. She was also seen holding some kind of fireworks, exhibiting a celebratory ambience.

However, as far as the perpetrators are concerned, the story had an anticlimax as the viral video was noticed by law enforcement. The Christian Ganj police formed a team to identify the people involved in the video as well as the vehicle. As soon as the officers were able to retrieve the registration number of the black Thar from a CCTV along the "shooting site", the owner was traced, IndiaTV said in a report. Action has been initiated against the girl as well as the man who drove the car for her to shoot the act, the report added.

In light of the incident, the police warned the public that shooting similar videos that put the risk of others at risk would attract stringent action

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