Kerala rains: How Google Maps led 4 Hyderabad tourists into overflowing canal

In 2023, two doctors died in a similar accident after Google Maps misdirected them

Kerala rain accident The Ford Endeavour being pulled out of the canal in Kuruppanthara | Manorama

A group of tourists from Hyderabad escaped narrowly on Friday night as they drove their SUV into a flooded canal on after they followed a route shown by Google Maps.

Heading to Alappuzha, the driver of the Ford Endeavour took a left turn as shown on the navigation app when they reached Kuruppanthara in Kottayam district. The road was waterlogged and the tourists thought that they were still on road when they drove into the canal.

There were four people in the SUV and one of them managed to escape soon after vehicle plunged into the water. He sought help from local residents to rescue the remaining passengers trapped in the car. Eventually, the trio -- a woman and two men -- were rescued with the help of police and fire force personnel. 

All four were unharmed. Later, the vehicle was pulled out of the canal.

In a similar incident in October 2023, two doctors died after they drove into a river as they followed the directions on Google Maps.

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