Prajwal Revanna sex videos case: Siddaramaiah claims Deve Gowda sent his grandson abroad

DKS says the letter is a 'family matter'

REvanna Prajwal Revanna

After suspended JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna's grandfather Deve Gowda issued a "stern warning", asking his grandson to come home and face the case of alleged sexual abuse of several women, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah claimed that it was in fact former prime minister who sent Prajwal Revanna abroad.

Siddaramaiah took a dig at the JD(S) patriarch, saying, "I think Deve Gowda himself sent Prajwal (abroad). The letter now written by him is only for public consumption."

Siddaramaiah had written a second time to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding that the diplomatic passport of Prajwal Revanna be cancelled. In his letter to Modi, the chief minister said it was "shameful that Prajwal, a Member of Parliament from Hassan constituency, who is also contesting for re-election in the present general elections, and who is the grandson of a former Prime Minister, fled the country, the 27th of April, 2024 to Germany using his diplomatic passport...shortly after news of his heinous actions emerged and just a few hours before the first FIR was filed against him."

Reiterating that his grandson should be given the harshest punishment under the law "if found guilty", Deve Gowda had written: "At this juncture, I can do only one thing; I can issue a stern warning to Prajwal and ask him to return from wherever he is and surrender before the police. He should subject himself to the legal process."

"If he does not heed this warning, he will have to face my anger and anger of all his family members. The law will take care of the accusations against him, but not listening to the family will ensure his total isolation. If he has any respect left for me, he has to return immediately," Gowda added.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar reacted to the letter by Deve Gowda, saying it is a family matter and he does not want to comment on it.


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