Bengal's Hindus became second class citizens; TMC protecting Sandeshkhali culprits: 10 things PM Modi said during Hooghly, Barrackpore rallies

TMC goons are threatening the tormented women of Sandeshkhali, PM Modi said

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting in West Bengal's Barrackpore | Salil Bera

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday slammed the "vote bank" politics of the Trinamool Congress and alleged that the party's goons are threatening the tormented women of Sandeshkhali, where allegations of sexual abuse against TMC leaders have surfaced, to protect the culprits.

While addressing an election rally in Hooghly PM Modi alleged that under the TMC rule, Hindus have turned into second-class citizens in the state and asserted that as long as Modi is there, no one can repeal the CAA law.

Here are ten things Prime Minister said in West Bengal on Sunday while addressing an election rally:

1. Hindus have become second-class citizens in Bengal under TMC; The TMC has surrendered before vote bank politics in Bengal, where you cannot take the name of Shri Ram and neither can celebrate Ram Navami. 

2. As long as Modi is there, no one can take away reservations for SC or ST; as long as Modi is there, no reservation will be allowed on basis of religion

3. Based on performance in three phases of polls, I can say with certainty that NDA will cross 400 seats.

4. Nobody can overturn Supreme Court verdict on Ram Mandir, stop CAA implementation.

5. TMC's recruitment mafia has destroyed future of the youths of Bengal.

6. Modi will not let the corrupt leaders sit peacefully. They will be reprimanded! No corrupt leader will be spared. The money that TMC extorted from you will be lawfully given back to you.

7. TMC goons threatening women protestors of Sandeshkhali; all of us have seen what the TMC has done with the sisters and mothers of Sandeshkhali. The TMC goons are now threatening the women in Sandeshkhali as the name of the main culprit is Shajahan Sheikh. TMC is doing everything to protect the culprits of Sandeshkhali, he said.

8. West Bengal news: TMC goons are threatening the tormented women of Sandeshkhali, PM Modi saidWe will get bigger success in this Lok Sabha polls than in 2019 in West Bengal.

9. There was a time when many scientific discoveries were taking place in Bengal, today under the rule of TMC, the home industry of making bombs is running in many places. There was a time when Bengal used to revolt against the infiltrators, but today the infiltrators are flourishing here under the protection of TMC.

10. Who are the heir of PM Modi? It's you, the countryman, you are my family. I have nothing except you people in this world. Just like a guardian of the family who wants to leave something for the children, I also want to give a 'Viksit Bharat' in the hands of children of this family. On the other side, TMC and other parties are looting the people of the country and building bungalows and mansions for their heirs. 

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