Prajwal Revanna sex videos case: Fresh twist as woman claims she was forced to file case

Kumaraswamy accuses SIT of threatening victims

REvanna Prajwal Revanna

In a fresh twist to the sexual harassment case in Karnataka involving JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna, the National Commission for Women (NCW) said on Thursday that one of the complainants claimed that a group of people forced her to file a false complaint against the Hassan MP.

“One woman approached the NCW to file a complaint against three people who were dressed in civilian clothes, and she claimed that they had introduced themselves as Karnataka police. She also complained that she received many calls from unknown numbers asking her to file a complaint against the accused. It has come to the light that the woman was forced by a group of individuals to the complaint under harassment charges,” NCW said.

There were also media reports that said the woman had sought protection for her family.

Meanwhile, NCW clarified that 700 women have not given complaints to NCW regarding the Prajwal Revanna case. This was to refute some media reports that said 700 women had filed complaints to the NCW.

After the statements by NCW, former chief minister and JD(S) state chief H.D. Kumaraswamy accused the SIT which is probing the case of threatening the victims.

"The investigating officers are going to the doorsteps of the victims and threatening them. Tell us, isn't it a fact that the SIT officers are threatening the victims with false prostitution cases against them? Is this how the probe is being conducted," he said, reported NDTV.

He said he was not defending the accused and added that "Everyone should respect the law and the guilty should be punished."

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