Tragic: Pune boy, 11, dies after cricket ball hits genital area while playing

Shaurya was hit in genitals after the batter hit a delivery straight back at him

On Camera, 11-Year-Old Pune Boy Dies After Cricket Ball Hits His Genitals The boy was merrily playing before getting struck by the ball, CCTV footage showed | Twitter

In a heartbreaking incident, an 11-year-old Pune boy lost his life after being struck by a cricket ball on his genitals.

The incident was reported in the Lohegaon area of Maharashtra's Pune last week when the victim, identified as Shambhu Kalidas Khandve was enjoying a game of cricket with his friends at an artificial turf. Shambhu, who is also called Shaurya, was bowling to his friends when the tragic incident happened. 

Bowling beside the stump with stand base, Shaurya suffered a powerful direct blow from the batter at his genital area. In the shock and agony of the hit, the child collapsed to the ground. His shocked friends got together and tried to retrieve him before bystanders stepped in and took him to the hospital. The entire incident was caught on camera, reports said.

However, the doctors failed to revive the unconscious child, who was declared dead after getting admitted to the facility, NDTV said in a report.

A case of accidental death was registered at Pune's Airport Police Station following the incident, the report added.

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