Madhya Pradesh: ‘Cong will win at least 5 out of 12 seats in first two phases in MP,’ says state chief

Modi's guarantee means China's guarantee, no guarantee for PM’s words, Patwari says

PTI12_17_2023_000209B Jitu Patwari

Congress Madhya Pradesh State President Jitu Patwari said the party will win at least five seats out of 12 which went to polls during the first two phases of Lok Sabha polls in the state.

Patwari told ANI that the party has performed well in six seats during the first two phases of the polls and Congress will win in at least five seats. “After the first two phases of Lok Sabha polls in Madhya Pradesh, where the Bhartiya Janata Party won 28 seats out of 29 in previous 2019 polls, Congress has given a good performance on six seats out of 12 seats. We can win at least five seats," the agency reported quoting Patwari.

The Congress leader said the public are tired of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches and the difference in vote percentage between Congress and the BJP will be lower this election. “Earlier, the difference in the vote percentage ratio of Congress and BJP was 13- 14 per cent but now it would be one to two per cent only," Patwari said.

The Congress leader said the BJP is being arrogant by claiming it will win over 400 seats this election and likened the party to thinking like ‘Ravan’. “Bharatiya Janata Party is being arrogant and its thinking is like Ravan. There is unemployment in every house, inflation and farmers are in debt. The Modi guarantee given during the assembly polls last year turned out to be China's guarantee. Modi's guarantee means China's guarantee. Just like there is no guarantee for Chinese goods, there is no guarantee for Modi's words,” Patwari said.

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