Telangana: Under-construction bridge collapses; marriage party of 65 had a narrow escape

It has been under construction for eight years


A part of a bridge that has been under construction for eight years, in Peddapalli district of Telangana, collapsed on Monday evening due to strong winds.

According to an NDTV report, two out of the five concrete girders between two pillars collapsed after strong winds.

"Luckily, a marriage party of 65 people on a bus passed by just one minute earlier and escaped being crushed by the concrete," NDTV quoted a source as saying.

The bridge, across Manair River, was inaugurated in 2016. Nearly Rs 49 crore was sanctioned for the construction of the one-kilometre bridge.

Sharing visuals of the collapsed bridge, a X user wrote:

"Under-construction bridge collapses in Peddapalli, Telangana.

Work on a one-kilometer-long bridge has been ongoing since 2016. The bridge is being built to connect Odedu to Garmillapalli village in Jayashankar Bhupalpally district.

Two girders collapsed because of strong winds. Since it occurred after midnight when there were no people around, no one was harmed.”

According to locals, the contractor was forced to stop the work within a year as the government wasn't paying dues and he was under pressure for commissions. The project was to be completed in a year.

"The cost of the project was escalated and last year another ₹ 11 crore was added to the estimated cost without even 60 per cent of the work being completed," NDTV quoted a local source as saying.

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