Modi running ‘school of corruption’, INDIA govt will shut it down: Rahul Gandhi

Congress attacks BJP for taking donations under electoral bond scheme

Rahul Gandhi (File) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses a public meeting in Anupgarh | PTI

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and charged he is running ‘School of Corruption’ and the prime minister himself teaches the chapters under  'Entire Corruption Science'.

Launching a new campaigning advertisement for the Lok Sabha elections, Gandhi tweeted, “Narendra Modi is running a 'school of corruption' in the country! Where under the subject 'Entire Corruption Science', he himself is teaching each chapter including 'Funds Business' in detail.”

Gandhi charged Modi teaches, “How are donations collected by conducting raids?; How are contracts distributed after taking donations?; How does the washing machine that washes away corrupt people work?; How does the game of 'bail and jail' play out by making agencies recovery agents?”

The Congress leader said the Bharatiya Janata Party has become “Den of corrupt” and the party has made this crash course mandatory for its leaders. “The Indian government will lock this school of corruption and close this course forever,” Gandhi asserted.

The Congress has been targeting the BJP for receiving donations under the electoral bond scheme, especially from individuals facing Enforcement Directorate cases. Earlier, Gandhi had called electoral bonds as ‘Haftebaazi' scheme conceptualised by Modi himself. The BJP encashed electoral bonds totalling Rs 6,986.50 crore, details published by the Election Commission revealed. 

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