Kejriwal not given amenities provided even to hardcore criminals: Punjab CM Mann

Kejriwal to meet two ministers a week to discuss issues

Bhagwant Mann at Tihar jail Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann leaves after meeting jailed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at Tihar Jail | PTI

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann met Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in Tihar jail on Monday and alleged the AAP chief was not being given amenities that are provided even to hardcore criminals.

Mann, who was accompanied by AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sandeep Pathak, said they met Kejriwal for half-an-hour but they were separated by a glass wall and interacted over a phone call. "I became emotional seeing him. He is being treated like a hardcore criminal. What is his fault? Is it his fault that he built Mohalla clinics?" said Mann.

The Punjab chief minister said he was asked by Kejriwal to visit different places for campaigning for INDIA bloc candidates. He also said the Aam Aadmi Party will emerge as a strong political force on June 4, when Lok Sabha election results are announced.

Pathak said Kejriwal was worried about the people of Delhi and was constantly inquiring whether they were getting subsidies. "Even while being inside jail, he is worried about the people of Delhi. He said that from next week, he will call two ministers to discuss issues. He has also asked party MLAs to go out among people," Pathak said.

The meeting took place in the 'mulakat jangla,' a room divided with a glass wall, a Tihar jail official said. Security was already heightened with local police being deployed outside Tihar jail, given that Mann is a Z-plus protectee.

The Delhi chief minister and AAP national convenor was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on March 21. His judicial custody was extended till April 23 on Monday.

The ED has accused Kejriwal of being involved in the "entire conspiracy of Delhi liquor scam, in drafting and implementation of the policy, for favouring and benefiting the quid pro receiving kickbacks and eventually using part of proceeds of crime generated out of the scheduled offence in the election campaign for Goa Assembly elections".

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