Kushboo cites health issue to seek 'pause' in campaign activities

She said she has to now 'significantly reduce my activities'.

Khushbu Sundar Khushbu Sundar

BJP leader Kushboo Sundar on Sunday told the party high command that she has to pause her campaign activities due to a health issue.

In a letter to BJP National President J P Nadda, the actor-politician said she suffered a tailbone fracture in 2019 and that the "injury has plagued me for the past five years."

Despite medical advice, she continued to campaign for the ensuing polls and her "condition has worsened."

She has now been advised a "necessary procedure."

She said she has to now "significantly reduce my activities, particularly those that involve extensive travel and prolonged periods of sitting, both of which are integral to election campaigning."

Therefore,  "I must announce a pause in my active participation in the current election campaign," Sundar told Nadda.


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