'Don't influence witnesses': Court asks Sanjay Singh to surrender passport before prison release

Sanjay Singh has been barred from making statements regarding the case

Sanjay Singh The court directed Sanjay Singh not to tamper with evidence in the case | PTI

The Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi has asked AAP MP Sanjay Singh to surrender his passport a day after the Supreme Court granted him bail in the excise policy case.

It directed Singh not to tamper with evidence or influence witnesses in the case. The court also told the lawmaker to inform it about his itinerary before leaving NCR and to keep the phone location on.

The directions were passed by Special Judge Kaveri Baweja before passing an order to release the Rajya Sabha from Tihar central jail.

Singh who has furnished a bail bond of Rs 2 lakh and a surety of the same amount was released on Wednesday morning. Though the MP can continue his political activities, he is not allowed to make statements on the ongoing case.

The bail comes after the Enforcement Directorate raised no objections to his release in reply to the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The court said the concession of bail to Singh on behalf of ED should not be taken as a precedent.

The Rajya Sabha MP had been imprisoned for six months but the ED failed to recover any money from his possession in the money laundering case.

The Delhi High Court is set to hear Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's petition against his arrest on Wednesday.

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