Dilip Ghosh on his remarks against Mamata: 'Just questioned her political statements'

BJP chief Nadda sought clarification from Dilip Ghosh regarding his remarks

Dilip Ghosh BJP West Bengal BJP leader Dilip Ghosh | ANI

A day after his remarks on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee triggered a controversy, BJP leader Dilip Ghosh clarified his statements on  Wednesday, claiming that he had "merely countered the political statements Mamata had given to mislead people".

Ghosh added that he had no personal grudges against the chief minister. His clarification comes as BJP president J P Nadda issued a notice seeking clarification from Ghosh regarding his remarks on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.

The MP's statement mocking the family background of Mamata Banerjee in a purported video clip triggered a huge controversy, with TMC alleging that he violated the model code of conduct. The former West Bengal BJP president, who is contesting from the Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha seat, mocked TMC's slogan of "Bangla Nijer Meye ke chai (Bengal wants its own daughter)". "When she goes to Goa, she says she is the daughter of Goa. In Tripura, she says she is the daughter of Tripura. First, let her clarify...," he said.

The TMC had filed a complaint to the chief electoral officer in West Bengal, alleging that Ghosh passed "disgraceful and derogatory remarks" against Mamata Banerjee. The TMC sought immediate action against Ghosh. 

To this, Ghosh said on Wednesday morning: "I had merely countered and questioned the political statements she has given to mislead people. Many people have raised objections to my use of language and words. Our (BJP) party as well as other parties have called it unparliamentary. If so, I am sad about it," he said, adding that he "did not have any personal dispute, grudges or ill will towards Mamata Banerjee."

He also questioned why objections were not raised when a party leader from TMC had used foul language against BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari.

"I also want to question why no objections were raised when a TMC leader used abusive language against our senior party leader Suvendu Adhikari in Kanthi. Does our party leader have no honour? His father is a senior leader who is still alive. Kya unka maan sammaan nahi hai (is he not respected?). No one raised any objections on that note. Why was no statement given from TMC at that time?" said Ghosh.

"I have given a political statement. The issue of honour is raised only if it is a woman. The women's card is brought out again and again," stated Ghosh, adding that he will file an official reply to the party leadership.

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