‘Wed in India’: PM Modi announces his new mission to promote J&K tourism

Modi said business of around Rs 5 lakh crore happens during this wedding season

Narendra Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the 'Viksit Bharat, Viksit Jammu & Kashmir' programme in Srinagar | PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched his next mission during a rally at Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday. Modi says his next mission is to make India a wedding destination thereby promote tourism in the country.

Addressing the gathering in Srinagar, Modi said, “Now my next mission is 'Wed in India'. People should come to Jammu and Kashmir and host their weddings. The world has seen how G20 was organised in J&K. There was a time when people used to say, who will go to J&K for tourism? Today, tourism in J&K is breaking all the records. In 2023, more than two crore tourists have come here. Now big celebrities from across the world are also coming to J&K,” ANI reported.

However, this isn’t the first time Modi has pitched the idea of hosting marriages within India, aiming to retain the revenue generated within the country. In a ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episode in November, Modi said, “Friends, this sentiment towards Indian products should not be limited to festivals only. The wedding season as well has commenced now. Some trade organizations estimate that there could be a business of around Rs 5 lakh crore during this wedding season. While shopping for weddings, all of you should give importance to products made in India only.”

He added, “These days a new milieu is being created by some families to go abroad and conduct weddings. Is this at all necessary? If we celebrate the festivities of marriages on Indian soil, amid the people of India, the country’s money will remain in the country. The people of the country will get an opportunity to render some service or the other at your wedding, even poor people will tell their children about that occasion. Can you extrapolate on this mission of ‘Vocal for Local’? Why don’t we hold such wedding ceremonies in our own country? It is possible that the kind of system you want may not be there today, but if we organize such events, systems will also develop. This is a topic related to very big families. I hope this pain of mine will definitely reach those big families.”

The prime minister reiterated the idea during an event in Gujarat in January. “Is it appropriate to hold marriage abroad? Can't the marriage be held in our country? How much of India's wealth goes out. You should create an environment that this disease of getting married abroad does not enter your community. Why shouldn't the marriage take place at the feet of Ma Khodal (Goddess revered by the community). I would say 'Wed In India', like ‘Made in India’, ‘Marry in India’," Hindustan Times reported.

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