Mouth freshener served at Gurugram restaurant burns tongues of customers, shocking video catches their pain

An FIR was filed against the restaurant as the group of 5 remains hospitalised

moth-freshener video-gurugram The group's anguish at the Gurugram hotel video was captured in a video | Twitter

A horrific video has reportedly emerged from a restaurant in Sector 90 of Haryana's Gurugram in which a group of five were seen in great pain after consuming mouth freshener offered post-dining. The victims, who reportedly spewed blood, were rushed to the hospital by a police team who arrived at the spot.

The group of five, including three women and two men struggled as their tounges and inner mouth felt a burning sensation. The video, which The Week couldn't independently verify, showed them repeatedly spitting and gargling and washing their mouth with water in an effort to subdue the pain. One of the woman's tongue had become abnormally red after having consumed the mouth freshener. 

Meanwhile, Aaj Tak reported on Monday that the five-member group was admitted to a private hospital and an FIR was registered against the restaurant based on a complaint filed by them. Amidst their anguish, the group managed to dial up the police, who arrived at the spot and rushed them to the hospital. It is also alleged that the hotel staff was of little help as they stood silent spectators to their guests's misery.

The group led by a man identified as Ankit Kumar reached the Gurugram restaurant for dinner and the mouth freshener was served complimentary while they were about to leave, the report said. The group consistrd of Kumar's wife and friends, the Hindi news report added.

More details are awaited.


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