VHP should expand to one lakh places to mark 60 years of its formation: Milind Parande

Parande was speaking at a three-day meeting organised by VHP in Ayodhya

Milind Parande ANI - 1 [File] Milind Parande | ANI

The Vishva Hindu Parishad should expand to 1,00,000 places to mark 60 years of its formation, said VHP Secretary General Milind Parande in Ayodhya on Saturday.

Parande was speaking at a three-day meeting of the organisation that kicked off in Ayodhya’s Kar Sewakpuram on Saturday. He addressed the media on the issues that would figure in the meeting that consists of the organisation’s central board of trustees and the central governing council.

He said the meeting would focus on the most pressing issues Hindu society was facing and consolidate it. The issues include: population imbalance, love jihad, foreign Muslim infiltration, and illegal religious conversions. “We shall brainstorm on action plans to deal with these situations,” he said.

Parande said the pran pratishtha ceremony had infused the organsitaion with new vigour and this would be reflected in expanding the footprint of the VHP and its allied organisations like the Durga Vahini and the Bajrang Dal.

“We condemn the vicious and brutal atrocities being committed by the Ghazwa-e-Hind Jihadi elements on the mothers, sisters and Sadhu-Sants in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, during the past months and years under the possible patronage of the state government and the local administration. We demand the hanging of Jihadi predators involved in such crimes against humanity,” said Parande.

He said the perpetrators of the crimes and atrocities in Bengal were members of the ruling party. “The ruling party is directly shielding and fostering them. Hindu society must never forget their atrocious acts”, he said.

The only way to stop these elements, Parande added, was to ensure that ‘Hindu friendly’ people came to power.

He also said that the VHP would put the Citizenship Amendment Act to good use. “With full commitment and dedication we shall enable the provision of Bharatiya citizenship to the traumatised and persecuted Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh brethren from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh”.

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