INDIA bloc: Congress to contest in Chandigarh; AAP gets 1 seat in Haryana, 2 in Gujarat

Congress to contest in 3 seats in Delhi and in both seats in Goa

AAP and Congress alliance Leaders of AAP and Congress during a press conference announcing their seat-sharing arrangement | Sanjay Ahlawat

Leaders from Aam Aadmi Party and Congress on Friday finalised their seat-sharing arrangement for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and announced seats they will be contesting in Delhi, Haryana and Gujarat. As per the arrangement, Congress will be contesting from Chandigarh, not AAP. 

 Talking to presspersons, Congress general secretary Mukul Wasnik said in Delhi, Congress will be contesting in three seats and AAP in four. “In 26 seats in Gujarat, Congress will contest in 24 and AAP on two - in Bharuch and Bhavnagar. In 10 seats in Haryana, Congress will contest in nine seats and AAP in one, at Kurukshetra,” Wasnik said. He added that Congress will contest in the lone Chandigarh seat and in both seats in Goa.

In Delhi, AAP will contest the New Delhi, the West Delhi, the South Delhi and the East Delhi seats, while Congress will contest from Chandni Chowk, the Northeast Delhi and the Northwest Delhi seats. 

AAP leader Sandeep Pathak said, “Today, the situation that the country is going through, the manner in which the BJP Government is finishing all institutions one by one, the elections are being 'stolen' and Opposition leaders are being put in jail to win elections, the manner in which injustice is being done with farmers, the manner in which people of the country are suffering through unemployment and inflation, the country needs an honest and strong alternate,” ANI reported.

Pathak said, ”Casting aside our own political interests and keeping in mind the interest of the nation, we came together in this alliance. It is the country which is important, party is always secondary. This election will not be fought in the manner that Congress will contest from here and AAP will contest from there, INDIA will contest this election."

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