Spycam, smartphones recovered from Assam jail housing separatist Amritpal

An investigation has been launched by the police

Assam jail security breach (L) Unauthorised items recovered by the police, (R) separatist Amritpal Singh | X, AP

In a major security breach, several electronic gadgets were recovered from the National Security Act (NSA) cells at one of the high-security prison, Dibrugarh Central Jail, in Assam on Saturday.

Electronic devices including smartphone, a keypad phone, a spycam pen, pen drives, bluetooth headphones and a TV remote with a keyboard were recovered from the cell. Around 10 members of the radical group 'Waris Punjab De' including Amritpal is being held in the jail.

They have been incarcerated in the jail since March 19 last year, following their arrests under the NSA from various parts of Punjab during a crackdown on the outfit.

The items were discovered during a search carried out in the premises based on the intelligence indicating unauthorised activities. According to Director General of Police G.P. Singh, investigations are underway to determine the source of the items recovered.

DGP Singh posted on 'X' that additional CCTV cameras were installed in the public area of the NSA block following the receipt of information about unauthorised activities taking place there.

Additional lawful actions and preventive measures are being implemented to avoid such incidents in the future, he further added.

A multi-tier security arrangement had been established in Dibrugarh Jail since the arrival of the radical outfit members from Punjab, including the installation of additional CCTV cameras and the repair or replacement of faulty ones.

(With PTI inputs) 

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