Tamil Nadu passes resolution against delimitation, ‘one nation, one election’

South states can't be “penalised” for effectively controlling population, says Stalin

mk-stalin-tamil-nadu-chief-minister Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin

In a first of its kind, the Tamil Nadu Assembly on Wednesday adopted two resolutions—one against the Union government’s initiative to implement ‘One Nation, One election’ and the other against proposed delimitation of Parliament and Assembly constituencies in 2026 based on census.

Moving the two resolutions, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin urged the Union government to drop the ‘one nation one election’ plan. On delimitation, Stalin said, states like Tamil Nadu should not be “penalised” for effectively controlling the  population. 

“This August House urges the Union Government that the delimitation process to be carried out after 2026 on the basis of the census should not be carried out. Due to unavoidable reasons, if the number of seats on the basis of the population were to increase, it shall be maintained at the present ratio of the constituencies between the States in the State Assemblies and both Houses of Parliament fixed based on the population of 1971” the resolution said.

He also said that Tamil Nadu and other southern states stand to lose both power and rights if a delimitation exercise is conducted without considering these factors. Pointing out that both Tamil Nadu and Bihar had similar populations in 1971, Stalin said in the past five decades, Bihar's population has surged to over one-and-a-half times that of Tamil Nadu. 

“Already, with 39 MPs, we are begging. If numbers drop, what will happen?” he asked.

The ‘one nation one election’ policy, Stalin said, is against the “basis of democracy; impractical; not enshrined in the Constitution of India”. Stating that it was against the “idea of democratic decentralisation”, the chief minister said elections to the local bodies, State Assemblies and Parliament are being held at different times on the basis of people-centric issues in a vast and diverse country like India. 

“Today marks a watershed moment for Tamil Nadu as we take a decisive stand against the Union BJP Government's authoritarian agenda. We refuse to be treated as second-class citizens and have unanimously passed two resolutions: one to shield our state from unfair delimitation exercise, ensuring that we are not punished for our socio-economic progress and successful population control measures; and another staunchly opposing the undemocratic ‘one nation, one election’ fantasy, which threatens the very fabric of our diverse democracy. Tamil Nadu’s resolve is unyielding, our spirit indomitable,” Stalin later said in post on X.


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