Jharkhand: Champai Soren-led govt wins floor test

Forty-seven MLAs voted for the JMM-led alliance

JMM leader Champai Soren arrives at Raj Bhawan to stake claim for formation of the government | PTI Champai Soren | PTI

In a major relief for the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM)-led alliance, the Champai Soren-led government in the state won the floor test in the state assembly on Monday. Forty-seven MLAs voted in favour of the alliance. Former chief minister Hemant Soren, who was released from jail for the floor test, also took part.

Independent legislator Saryu Roy did not participate in the voting process. Seventy-seven MLAs were present in the assembly during the voting. The 81-member Jharkhand assembly has a majority mark of 41. The JMM-led coalition held majority with 48 MLAs, including 29 from JMM and 17 from Congress, and one each from RJD and CPI(ML). The BJP-led NDA alliance has 29 MLAs.

The session began with Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan’s address. Moving the confidence motion, Chief Minister Champai Soren said, “BJP tried to destabilise a democratically elected Jharkhand government. Today, the whole country is seeing how injustice is being done to Hemant Soren. If you go to any village, you will find Hemant Soren's schemes in every house," ANI quoted him as saying. The chief minister also accused the BJP of using central agencies to frame JMM leader Hemant Soren in false cases.

Hemant Soren, who has been arrested on charges of money laundering by ED in connection with land scam, has challenged the BJP that he would quit politics if the party can show proof of his wrongdoing.

"Today I have been arrested on charges of 8.5-acre land scam. If they have the courage, then show the documents of the land registered in my name. If it is proved, I will quit politics..."

The MLAs of Jharkhand's JMM-led alliance were moved to Hyderabad ahead of the vote. They returned to Ranchi last evening.

A special court in Ranchi granted Hemant Soren permission to take part in the special session for the trust vote. Soren pleaded before the court that he was a member of the assembly and had a right to participate in the special session.

Addressing the assembly, Hemant Soren alleged that Raj Bhavan was involved in his arrest. He said he was targeted by the BJP since he was an Adivasi and they had issues with him flying in planes and staying in five-star hotels. 


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