‘Bengaluru tech CEO had troubled marriage, murder motive unclear’, says Goa police

Boy’s body was found ‘stuffed’ in the bag, says police

Police crime line Representational image

Suchana Seth had a troubled married life and the motive behind Seth murdering her four-year-old son is yet to be ascertained, Goa police said after preliminary interrogations with the CEO of AI-based startup based in Bengaluru.

Goa (North) Superintendent of Police Nidhin Valsan said, “What she has told us till now is that she and her husband were estranged and that they are currently undergoing divorce proceedings." Valsan said Seth hails from West Bengal and her estranged husband Venkat Raman is from Kerala. The SP said Raman is currently in Indonesia and he has been asked to reach India at the earliest. 

The SP said Calangute police have registered a case under IPC sections 302 (murder) and 201 (destruction of evidence), and also under the Goa Children's Act. 

The Goa police nabbed 39-year-old Suchana Seth with the support of Karnataka police in Chitradurga, Karnataka, while she was trying to flee with the body of her son. According to police, Seth, who checked into a Goa hotel along with her son on January 6 got noticed by hotel staff after she checked out alone and blood stains were spotted in the hotel room.

ANI quoting Valsan reported, “She asked the hotel staff to arrange a taxi for Bengaluru. After the checkout, when the hotel staff went to clean the room, they found red-coloured stains which they assumed to be blood. The staff immediately informed the police. The police reached the hotel and tried to contact the woman through the driver. The police inquired about the woman's son to which she said that the child had been staying at a friend's place. However, the police found the address provided by the woman to be fake.” 

The SP added that the driver was asked to take the car to the nearest police station and on checking the luggage, the police found the body of the boy.

-with PTI inputs.


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