Rajouri ambush: NIA initiates investigation, more forces join combing op

Security forces are operating relentlessly in pursuit of the terrorists

jammu and kashmir Army personnel stand guard near the site where an Army vehicle was ambushed by terrorists, in Poonch district | PTI

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) visited the Thanamandi area of Rajouri, where five soldiers lost their lives and two others were injured in a terrorist attack on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, the operation against the terrorists believed to be hiding in the nearby forests was intensified today with more reinforcements reaching the spot. 

The terrorists fled after firing at two Army vehicles, taking advantage of the terrain and thick forest cover in the area.

Director General of Police R R Swain and Nagrota-based 16 Corps Commander Lieutenant General Sandeep Jain rushed to the spot on Friday to monitor the ongoing operation. 

They received a briefing from senior army officers about the operation. Aerial monitoring operations by helicopters are also underway, and sniffer dogs have been deployed to track down the hiding terrorists.

“Indian Army and White Knight Corps salute the bravery and supreme sacrifice of four soldiers in Surankote yesterday while fighting the scourge of terrorism,” a statement from White Knight Corps (XVI Corps) said. 

A Jammu-based defence spokesperson stated that an operation has been conducted in the general area DKG (Dera Ki Gali), Thanamandi, Rajouri, since last night. 

He mentioned that security forces are operating relentlessly in pursuit of the terrorists. 

Security forces have killed 27 terrorists this year, including 20-25 of foreign origin in the Rajouri-Poonch area.

In yesterday’s attack, the terrorists, numbering between three and four, had attacked the two army vehicles atop a hill, which had to slow down their speed at the blind curve and bumpy road. 

It is believed the terrorists carried out reconnaissance of the area and chose their spot to attack. 

Several foreign terrorists are present in the Rajouri-Poonch forests, and their movement was reported a few days back,” sources said. 

Due to attacks by foreign terrorists, 21 soldiers lost their lives in four terror attacks in the last 26 months in Poonch. The December 21 attack was the fourth major terrorist attack in Poonch in 26 months.

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