Rajasthan CM Bhajan Lal Sharma’s car meets with accident; no injuries reported

The accident took place near Punchari Ka Lautha

Bhajan Lal Sharma | PTI Bhajan Lal Sharma | PTI

Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma’s car met with an accident on Tuesday evening as the vehicle veered off the road and slipped into a sewer.

The incident took place near Punchari Ka Lautha at the Uttar Pradesh border, reports said.

Sharma, who was on his way to Govardhan Giriraj, escaped unhurt and continued his journey in another car.

Earlier in the day, Sharma visited his hometown Bharatpur for the first time after taking oath of the chief minister post.

During the visit, Sharma stopped at a tea stall in Manpur's Pepalki village, where he made and sipped tea. He also talked to the tea stall vendor Munshi Lal Gurjar and gave him financial assistance. 

Meanwhile, the first session of the 16th Rajasthan Assembly will begin on Wednesday. Newly elected MLAs will be administered oath by Protem Speaker Kalicharan Saraf. 


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