J&K: Key RSS meet urges all Sangh-affiliated outfits to work together for better poll results

Dr Krishna Gopal said every organisation is duty-bound to spread the Sangh's message

RSS volunteers during a rally in Chennai | PTI Representational image of RSS volunteers | PTI

A close coordination among all sister organisations of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is crucial to achieving better results in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, said Dr Krishna Gopal, RSS Seh Sarkarivah (Additional General Secretary). Dr Gopal was speaking at the crucial two-day coordination committee meeting of RSS-affiliated organisations in Jammu that commenced on December 16.

He emphasised that every organisation is duty-bound to spread the message of the Sangh, which includes nation-building—a prime motto—in every nook and corner of the Union Territory (UT). Dr Gopal urged activists from all sister organisations of the Sangh Parivar, including the BJP, to work closely together to achieve better results in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and realise the dream of the founding father of the Sangh.

He highlighted the significance of collaboration among Sangh activists   from different organisations, especially in light of the year-long centenary celebrations of the RSS scheduled for the upcoming year, to be held across the country and abroad.

The goal of making India a developed country and restoring its pristine glory is being tirelessly pursued by the Sangh, he added, noting that this dream can only be realised when all affiliates of the Parivar work in complete coordination and cooperation.

He also requested detailed reports from the heads of all organisations regarding their work and the prevailing situation in the UT, and stressed the importance of spreading the message of Ram Janambhoomi to every household.

He stressed the imperative of women's empowerment, acknowledging various revolutionary steps taken by the present Government and urging Sangh activists to ensure that women, constituting half of the country's population, receive their due in society. He sought detailed reports about the Akshat Kalash Yatra of Ram Janambhoomi and emphasised the need to strengthen the organisation (Sanghthan).

Regarding the upcoming centenary celebrations of the Sangh, he said that preparations should commence immediately, highlighting strategies to enhance the Sangh's performance for better results. He said the unity of the 36 sister organisations of Sangh in J&K, stating that for a Sangh activist, the nation is supreme and they are willing to sacrifice everything for the nation, as they have no self-interest.

He reiterated India's historical respect for human values and its approach of treating the entire mankind as one, attributing this quality to the nation's survival despite numerous challenges. He emphasised the need to preserve India's ancient and rich culture, ethos, unity, and integrity by giving a fitting reply to detractors and inimical forces. 

The meeting was attended by heads of all sister organisations of the Sangh, including RSS Prant Pracharak Rupesh Kumar, BJP President Ravinder Raina, Party General Secretary (Org) Ashok Koul, VHP President Leela Karan Sharma, Mahant Rameshwar Dass, President Sanatan Dharam Sabha Purshotam Dadichi, RSS Sangchalak Dr. Gautam Mengi, and leaders of Bajrang Dal, Hindu Raksha Samiti, Sanaskar Bharti, Shiksha Bharti, etc.


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