‘Unemployment, inflation led to Parliament security breach’, charges Rahul Gandhi

Oppn has been protesting demanding govt's statement on the security lapse

Rahul Gandhi Congress leader Rahul Gandhi | PTI

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi charged unemployment and inflation under the Modi regime led to the Parliament security breach incident. Gandhi blamed the Union government’s policies for the lack of employment opportunities in the country.

Responding to presspersons on the security breach, Gandhi said, “There has been a security breach in Parliament, but, why did it happen?”

“The biggest issue in the country is that of unemployment, which is boiling all over the country. The country's youth are not getting employment due to the policies of Modi ji," Rahul Gandhi charged. “The reason behind (this incident) is unemployment and inflation," added Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi met with party leaders from Gujarat to discuss poll preparedness in New Delhi on Saturday.

On December 13, In a major security breach on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament terror attack on Wednesday, two men jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery during Zero Hour, released yellow smoke from canisters and shouted slogans, before being overpowered by the MPs. The accused were identified as Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan.D and they got into the building with passes signed by Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha.

Outside the Parliament complex, two other accused, Amol Shinde and Neelam, sprayed more coloured smoke. Lalit Jha, the mastermind behind the breach was arrested recently and he allegedly circulated videos of the protest outside the complex on social media. All five have been arrested.

The opposition has been seeking answers from the government on the security breach and have demanded a statement from Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the issue in Parliament. They have also been disrupting proceedings in both Houses to press for the demand.

-with PTI inputs.


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