‘They killed democracy’: Mamata slams BJP, backs Mahua Moitra in her battle

Mamata condemned the action against TMC MP

Mamata Banerjee Moitra explusion Mamata Banerjee | Salil Bera

West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chairperson Mamata Banerjee on Friday condemned the expulsion of MP Mahua Moitra from Lok Sabha. Reacting to the expulsion, Banerjee said “they killed democracy.”

“This is vendetta politics of BJP....It is injustice. Mahua will win the battle. The people will give justice. They (BJP) will be defeated in the next election," said Banerjee backing Moitra.

She also added that TMC will fight along with the INDIA alliance against this move. “I am telling you that Mahua (Moitra) is a victim of the circumstances. It is unfortunate for the democracy," said Banerjee.

While condemning the action, Banerjee also pointed out that they didn’t even allow Mahua to explain her stand. “Today, I am sad to see the attitude of the BJP party... Full injustice has been done,” she added.

Meanwhile, BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia in a press conference said that it is PM Modi's guarantee to not let corruption flourish. "Those who have done corruption have to rot behind bars," he said.

"Those people have to repay every single penny they have looted from the public. Why is the INDIA alliance feeding on the country's economy, society and the rights of our people like termites? Why Congress Party, AAP and TMC? All these parties have become the part of corruption...," he said.

The opposition has condemned the expulsion as well. Reacting to the action against Moitra, Congress MP Manickam Tagore said whoever speaks against Adani, they will be silenced.

“New Parliament and new rules. Whoever speaks against Adani, they will be silenced, Mahua Moitra is a perfect example of this. She was not allowed to speak at all in Parliament...she was not given a chance to speak her side...this is a planned political conspiracy...democracy failed today...it is a black day for democracy...this is like a third emergency," Tagore told ANI.

Finding Moitra guilty of accepting gifts and cash for raising questions in the Parliament, Lok Sabha had expelled TMC MP Moitra on Friday. The action was taken after the Ethics Committee report was submitted against Moitra in the cash-for-query case.

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