Vegetarian V.K. Singh broke the mould of a typical Army man: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi

Yogi says Singh a pure satvik and fasts a day in a week

Yogi Adityanath and V.K. Singh (File) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath along with Union Minister V.K. Singh (R) in Ghaziabad | PTI

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath praised Union Minister General V.K. Singh for breaking the mould of a typical Army man. “Against the general perception, General Singh is a pure vegetarian, satvik (moral), and fasts a day in a week,” the chief minister said. Adityanath and Singh were attending a function at an educational institution in Gorakhpur on Monday.

Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways and Civil Aviation, is an example of those whose words and work align, the chief minister said. “This is what leads to trust from the public”, he said congratulating the Army man for success in his previous career and then its carryover in politics. Adityanath listed the five guiding forces which are driving the country to becoming a superpower, and to the party’s continued success. 

The five, as per Yogi Adityanath are freedom from the submissive mentality; pride in local traditions; a respect for heritage; the promise of unity, and citizens carrying out their duties. Adityanath said that these five promises were given to the nation by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. “He has connected the essence of the country to these principles”, said Adityanath. "If the 142 crore people of this country work with these principles in mind, then no one can stop India from becoming a developed nation and the world’s biggest power.”

Drawing a larger connect, he said that the PM had followed the path of Maharana Pratap (after whom the institution is named), mahants Digvijay Nath and Adwaityanath. “All great men have just one aim, one principle- the nation comes first. They work on the belief that the earth is their mother and her glory should be forever maintained”, he said. Both the mahants mentioned are from the Gorakshnath Peeth- of which Adityanath is the current mahant. 

Singh went on to add that whenever we do something for glory, success is ensured as the quest for glory is a great motivator.

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