J&K Police Chief warns of legal repercussions against those disturbing communal harmony

Warning comes in the backdrop of derogatory video against Prophet by NIT student

Jammu and Kashmir DGP Rashmi Ranjan Swain Jammu and Kashmir DGP Rashmi Ranjan Swain addresses a press conference in Jammu | PTI

Jammu and Kashmir’s Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain has warned that severe consequences await those who use social media to incite communal tension, propagate terrorism, or encourage separatism. 

He emphasised the police’s obligation to prevent any form of disrespect toward Prophet Muhammad (SAW) or any religious community that could disturb peace and incite violence. Addressing the press in Jammu, DGP Swain highlighted the discussions held with senior police officers concerning the recent derogatory video shared on social media by an NIT student regarding Prophet Muhammad.

He warned that any content—videos, messages, or posts—liable to disrupt harmony, incite violence, or fuel terrorism and separatism will face legal repercussions. “The police will identify and take action against individuals with ulterior motives and investigate such cases thoroughly,’’ he said.

He urged individuals encountering provocative content to promptly report it to the nearest police station instead of participating in its circulation, which could vitiate communal harmony.

Responding to queries about potential actions against political entities allegedly fostering unrest, the DGP said that the police, guardians of the law, would hold those responsible for deliberate actions leading to loss of life, property damage, or attacks.

Expressing the police force's respect for Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the J&K police chief reaffirmed their commitment to preserving Kashmir's long-standing communal harmony. “No one would be permitted to undermine any religious community or disrupt the region's peace,” he stressed.

Regarding the NIT student who shared a derogatory post on social media, the DGP stated that the law would proceed accordingly. The post triggered protests by NIT students, leading to action by the NIT authorities against the student and an FIR by the police. 

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