Contaminated Ayurvedic tonic claims 5 lives in Gujarat's Kheda, probe on

The bottled tonic was branded 'Kalmeghasav - Asava Arishta

tonic syrup medicine Reperesentational image | Shutterstock

Three men were arrested after five people died due to suspected consumption of a contaminated ayurvedic syrup in Gujarat's Kheda district, police said on Thursday. Two others remain hospitalised due to the consumption of the medicine that reportedly contained methyl alcohol, reports added.

The bottled tonic named 'Kalmeghasav - Asava Arishta', was sold to nearly 50 people by a shopkeeper in Bilodara village near Nadiad town of Kheda over two days, news agency PTI said in a report.

The police told the news agency that the presence of methyl alcohol in the syrup was scientifically proven. "Blood sample report of a villager confirmed that methyl alcohol was added to the syrup before it was sold," Kheda Superintendent of Police Rajesh Gadhiya told PTI.

Methyl alcohol (CH3OH) or methanol is a colourless liquid used in the industrial sector. Methyl alcohol overexposure can cause death.

"While five persons have lost their lives after consuming the syrup during the last two days, two are still under treatment. We have detained three persons, including the shopkeeper, for further questioning," he said.

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