'Honest' thief's apology letter to Kerala Tourism official who lost wallet

Aswin P Kumar received a distinctive letter a week after his wallet went missing

Ashwin-P-Kumar Kerala Tourism deputy director Aswin P. Kumar

"Dear friend,

I would like to begin by extending my apologies to you. I got this wallet from a location near Pizza Hut and I am taking the money it contained. Rest assured, I am committed to returning the amount to you at this address once I can generate funds.


On November 21, Aswin P. Kumar, deputy director of Kerala Tourism, received this distinctive letter from a humble thief, along with his misplaced wallet and all important identity cards. Kumar, a Kerala Administrative Service officer of the 2021 batch, lost his wallet near   Pattom in Thiruvananthapuram on November 14. 

Kumar recounts the incident: "I usually go to the gym directly from the office. I keep my wallet and electronic accessories on a table when I work out. It was then I received a work-related call. In a rush, I threw all my accessories and wallet into my bag. Unfortunately, the wallet was lost on the road."

Only the next day did he realise that the wallet was gone. "The wallet had less than Rs 2,000. But importantly, it contained most of my ID cards," recalls the officer.

Kumar promptly filed an official complaint with the police and made a plea via social media, requesting the return of his ID cards and wallet. "I had   started applying for new ID cards with the receipt of the complaint. But then, I got the package containing this letter, my wallet and all ID cards at home on November 21," says Kumar.

letter The letter written (in Malayalam) by the 'stranger' to deputy director Ashwin P Kumar

Though a crime occurred, the empathetic civil servant states he decided against moving forward with the complaint against the culprit, citing that the "stranger’s" actions likely arose from his impoverished situation. 

The officer wishes that this be the last crime in that person’s life and that the money stolen brings constructive changes to his life. "I have informed the police that I have recovered the wallet. Consequently, they will be closing the case," he adds. 


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