‘Israel PM Netanyahu war criminal, should be shot without trial’, says Kerala Cong MP, backs Hamas

Hamas took up arms because their patience was tested time and again, says Unnithan

Rajmohan Unnithan Rajmohan Unnithan MP | Facebook

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal and he should be shot and killed without trial, said Congress leader and Kasargod MP Rajmohan Unnithan at a Palestine solidarity rally in Kasargod on Saturday. Unnithan also expressed solidarity with Hamas and said they are not terrorists.

Addressing a rally organised to express solidarity with Palestine, organised by the Kasaragod United Muslim Jama-ath, Unnithan said, “Hamas are not terrorists. If anyone portrays Hamas as terrorists, it is time to strongly react to them,” Unnithan said. Unnithan added Hamas took up arms to protect their land, people, and lives. Unnithan accused America’s greed for power as the reason for attacks on Palestine. “t America's greed for war has not been satiated. That is what we are seeing in Palestine," OnManorama reported quoting the MP. 

“Those who kill lakhs of people are patriots, but those who kill someone to protect their own land are extremists, he said."If they (Hamas) are extremists, each of us is with the extremists," Unnithan was quoted as saying. Saying India had an emotional bond with Palestine, Unnithan slammed Centre for backing Israel. “Now, I am ashamed to have been born in India. Is our Prime Minister not ashamed to back the US? Today Rishi Sunak, a person of Indian origin is the prime minister of the UK. But I am ashamed of him. The Indian Prime Minister has shamed India by agreeing to become a vassal of the US and the UK," Unnithan charged.

Unnithan said Islam followers are peace-loving people and they have patience and self-restraint. “Hamas took up arms because their patience was tested time and again," Unnithan said.


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