Madhya Pradesh polls: ‘Cong govt was stolen, will win 150 seats’, says Rahul Gandhi

BJP ran a 40 per cent cut government in Karnataka, attacks Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Congress leader Rahul Gandhi | PTI

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the Congress government was ‘stolen’ from the State and added the party will win 150 seats in the upcoming elections in the state.

Addressing at an election rally in Madhya Pradesh, Gandhi said Congress had waived farm loans in Chhattisgarh and the party’s government was toppled in the state by purchasing legislators.

"A storm is going to come in favour of the Congress. The party will be winning 145 to 150 seats. Five years back, you (people) elected a Congress government but BJP leaders (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi, (MP Chief Minister) Shivraj Singh and (Union Home Minister) Amit Shah purchased the MLAs and stole your government," Gandhi said. The Kamal Nath-led Congress dispensation, which was in power in Madhya Pradesh for 15 months till March 2020, waived farm loans of 27 lakh farmers. But by toppling that government, the BJP deceived labourers, farmers, small traders and unemployed people, he alleged.

“The Congress ousted the BJP from power in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh through love and not hatred,” he said. "The BJP ran a 40 per cent cut government in Karnataka. (After Congress came to power there) I told the Karnataka chief minister to return the money that was snatched by the BJP government from the pockets of poor people in five years. I told him to return the money to the poor, which the BJP had given to the rich," he said. “People in the Congress-ruled Karnataka and Chhattisgarh are getting LPG cylinders at Rs 500 each, while people in other states are paying Rs 1,200-1,400 here for the same,” Gandhi said.

The former Congress president said the Congress fulfilled all its promises in Karnataka, including farm loan waiver and free bus travel to women. “Farmers in Chhattisgarh are getting the guaranteed minimum support price (MSP) of the crop and labourers are being paid Rs 10,000 as wages. This is strengthening the local economy,” he said.

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