Deepotsav 2023: Ayodhya set to break its own world record with 21 lakh diyas. All you need to know

CM Yogi will light first lamp, more than 25,000 volunteers to be present at ghats

ayodhya deepotsav Devotees light earthen lamps on the banks of the River Saryu on the eve of Diwali festival | AFP

The Uttar Pradesh government is gearing up to set a new world record on Saturday, by illuminating over 21 lakh diyas on the banks of the river Saryu in Ayodhya. This is part of Deepotsav—the annual tradition of lighting earthen lamps along the ghats on the eve of Diwali.

UP already scripted history and set a Guinness World Record in 2022 with 15.6 lakh diyas. It is its own record that the Yogi government hopes to rewrite this year. Elaborate arrangements are in place for the lighting of lamps at 51 ghats of Ayodhya. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will set the process in motion at 6pm by lighting the first diya at Ram ki Paidi ghat.

According to reports, more than 25,000 volunteers from Ram Manohar Lodhiya Awadh University, Faridabad, and all colleges of Ayodhya will work to make the event a success. Over 70 per cent of the diyas have already been laid out by volunteers, officials said on Friday. These volunteers will light the diyas and ensure they are properly lit and are regularly fed with oil.

As the government eyes an ambitious target, the administration has also put in measures to include participants from across the globe. Those who wish to 'remotely' participate in the record-making Deepotsav can log onto 'Holy Ayodhya' and buy up to 51 diyas. A single diya is priced at Rs 101; Rs 251 will get you 11 diyas and the 'prasad' from the Ram temple, dispatched through courier.

The grand Deepotsav comes months ahead of the opening of the Ram temple for devotees in January next year. The ghats have been illuminated, and a laser show will display various stories from the Ramayana. Commemorating the story of Diwali, Adityanath will welcome artists dressed as Lord Ram, Lakshman and Sita, as they arrive by chopper at the Ram Katha Park.

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