Did Nitish Kumar use derogatory language in assembly to explain birth control?

BJP calls him most vulgar leader in politics

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar speaks during the winter session of the state assembly | PTI Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar speaks during the winter session of the state assembly | PTI

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar courted controversy on Tuesday after he allegedly used derogatory language in the state assembly to explain the role of women’s education in population control.

The BJP called Nitish the most vulgar leader in politics and accused him of tarnishing the dignity and decorum of democracy.

The chief minister, while speaking on the birth control in the assembly, went on to make a bizarre claim that an educated woman can restrain her husband during sexual intercourse.

"The husband's acts led to more births. However, with education, a woman knows how to restrain him... this is the reason the numbers (of births) are coming down," Nitish said.

"You, journalists also understand it well. Earlier it (fertility rate) was 4.3, but it has now reached 2.9. And, soon we will reach 2," he added.

The BJP hit back, calling for a ban on his “double-meaning” remarks.

"There hasn't been a leader more vulgar than Nitish Kumar in Indian politics. It appears that Nitish babu's is bitten by 'adult, B-grade films' bug. There should be a ban on his double-meaning remarks. It seems he has been influenced by the company he keeps," party state unit said in a post on X.

In a video statement on the social media, Union minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey asked Nitish to resign and consult a doctor.

"Nitish Kumar has tarnished the dignity and decorum of democracy. His statement is like a roadside loafer and is anti-women... It is very shameful to make such a statement in the Assembly. It seems he is mentally ill. He should resign and immediately consult a doctor," he said.

Tejashwi defends Nitish

Amid the raging controversy, Nitish found support from his deputy Tejashwi Yadav who said the chief minister was talking about sex education and his words should not be misinterpreted.

"Let me tell you one thing. It is wrong if someone misinterprets it. The remarks of the CM were regarding sex education. People are hesitant whenever the topic of sex education is discussed. This is now taught in schools. Science and biology are taught in schools. Children learn it. He said what should be done practically to stop the increase in population. This should not be taken in a wrong manner. It should be taken as a sex education," Yadav told reporters.

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