Vishv Umiya Foundation's ‘Umiya Ni Adalat’ to resolve internal disputes of Patidars

VUF works for economic, social and religious upliftment of the Patidars in Gujarat

VUF-patidar via VUF website

Panchayats have been known to resolve several disputes in villages – the model is quite efficient and cost- and time-effective. Now, Vishv Umiya Foundation, a body of Patidars, is trying a similar model to resolve disputes or disagreements among the community members, rather than taking matters to court.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the VUF works towards the economic, social and religious upliftment of the Patidars, also known as Patels, in Gujarat.

R.P. Patel, president of the VUF, told THE WEEK that the initiative – “Umiya ni Adalat” - is aimed at helping the community and it will, in turn, ensure that there is less load on courts in terms of cases. He says that it is also about being responsible citizens.

According to him, there are several issues that can be resolved without going to court. The only thing that the parties concerned need is someone to listen to them and help them initiate a move.

The community leaders at the district level will help people settle their disputes and if they fail, the issues or the cases concerned will be brought up at the state level. Patel claims that the VUF has a strong presence up to the village level in the state.

He says that the initiative is meant for the Patidars from different strata of the society, all of who have different sets of disputes.

Patels are mainly divided into two sub-castes - the Leuvas and the Kadvas. While the Leuvas worship Goddess Khodal, the Kadvas are the followers of Goddess Umiya.

Patel, however, specifies that Goddess Umiya is for all and the “Umiya ni Adalat” is also for all.

According to him, Patidars comprise 20 to 22 per cent of the 6.5 crore population in Gujarat.

On October 31, on the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the VUF felicitated the Royals of Gujarat.

“On hearing about our initiative, the Kshatriya leaders said that we should have a joint committee to resolve the issues, should there be a problem between the Kshatriya and the Patidars,” Patel said, adding that such cases can be seen more from the Saurashtra region.


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